About UPnetworx

We provide access to global resources with a local team.

UPnetworx makes the best of both worlds possible. Through our experienced and professional staff, your business can tap the vast, worldwide resources of AT&T but with the benefit of an accessible, accountable, local team. By partnering with the world-leading network provider, UPnetworx guarantees powerful and comprehensive network solutions for national and global business customers but with the personalized touch and feel of a small business.

UPnetworx makes doing business with AT&T easy. No more billing or service headaches. With UPnetworx, our experts become your assets. We provide a dedicated account team to equip your business with core solutions–cloud, data and voice-powered by the AT&T network and brand. Moreover, we offer consolidated network and billing solutions, a simplified ordering process, plus comprehensive consulting oversight. From engineering and network design/planning to billing review and customer service, we transform the way you do business with AT&T, giving you choices that translate into positive financial impacts and pure, future-ready business potential.