XaaS 101

The cloud has emerged over the past recent years and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t hear XaaS this – XaaS that – and how everything in the world is going

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What are the differences between BYOD and COPE, Why you should care and, Who can you go to for help?     BYO or Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, BYOD……..seems to be the most used

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CoLo is Dead! Long Live CoLo!

The debate is heating up. With cloud what is the life expectancy of CoLo? Some argue it’s on life support and others say there are many very sound reasons why it has a long and

The Future Customer of the Cloud Services Broker is Here and You May be Surprised

I have no choice but to write this blog telling you what our team has experienced while attending a number conferences this past month. At just one conference there was over 10,000 extremely smart professionals

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The Cloud Services Broker and Cloud Migration

The Cloud Services Broker has many roles and is designed to solve complexity – helping the enterprise migrate to the cloud is paramount. In previous blogs I wrote about the evolution of the Cloud Services

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The Cloud Services Broker and Business-Outcome Solutions

In the world of cloud and the emergence of the Cloud Services Broker the end game should be all about what can the Cloud Services Broker do to help your business bottom and top line

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So What is a Managed Services Provider vs. Cloud Services Broker Really?

The question all IT Executives and now Line of Business Managers are asking “Do I need an MSP or CSB or both…..or neither?”   Whether you are an IT Executive or Line of Business Manager