UPnetworx 24/7 NOC

A Finger on the Pulse of Your Network

The UPnetworx Clarity Network Operations Center (NOC)

Time is your business’s single most valuable resource. But when your in-house IT experts have to routinely monitor and maintain every device in your network, troubleshoot with vendors, and diagnose service outages, time and money are lost. Fortunately, the UPnetworx Clarity Network Operations Center (NOC) is here to help.

Built on our cutting-edge Clarity Platform, the 24/7/365 UPnetworx NOC offers real-time performance monitoring of our clients’ Wide Area Networks, providing status reports and coordination with carriers as necessary. Through this multi-carrier, multi-technology data center, you’ll also have access to comprehensive customer support and on-site technical services. So your engineers and IT professionals can dedicate their time and energy to adding functionality, scalability, and innovation to your network.

NOC services at a glance


Increased visibility through round-the-clock network and critical device monitoring


Centralized problem-solving and co-management of customers’ network infrastructures


Day and night service from our industry-certified staff, including regular status updates and troubleshooting with carriers


Rapid on-site services provided by our skilled team of field technicians and engineers