UPnetworx WWAN with AT&T

Cellular connectivity that boosts business performance

Put wireless to work

Wireless WAN (wide area network) from UPnetworx is the cost-effective solution that keeps your business connected, reduces installation intervals, and enables data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere you do business.

Access to mission-critical data

Business continuity goes wireless in case of power failures or other wireline connectivity issues, keeping your data and network always accessible. Or use WWAN as your primary connection for rural locations or those without reliable broadband.

Three ways to enhance your WAN

Extend your existing WAN infrastructure—including mobile workers and hard-to-reach or temporary locations—with AT&T Private Mobile Connection, which also supports backup application scenarios that ensure true path diversity. AT&T Business Connect offers flexible wireless data connectivity options and plans for your qualified data-only devices, such as routers, scanners, mobile hotspot devices, and monitoring devices. And AT&T Wireless Broadband offers enterprise-grade wireless with a fast, exceptionally reliable connection, even during peak times, plus network priority for critical applications and nationwide coverage with no overages.

  • Diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications
  • Quick deployment for temporary, new, or remote locations
  • Consistent network connectivity
  • Primary connectivity where wireline connections are not feasible
  • Extends existing wireline infrastructure into mobility network
  • Allows flexibility in network design and security needs
  • Provides backup & redundancy to wireline network connections
  • Allows priority access to critical applications