UPnetworx Symmetry

Telecom expense lifecycle management


Identifying and quantifying all assets in your organization’s inventory


Assessing and optimizing essential plans and services to improve efficiency and reduce dollars spent


Continuous coordination of rate plan changes and credits with carriers and service providers


User-by-user savings status and verifications, comparing baseline spend to optimized spend


Taking Control of Your Telecom and Services Spend

The power of UPnetworx Symmetry

Data plan juggling, subscription management, software licenses—when the services and technologies you rely on are as dynamic as your business, even the smallest cost oversight can take a toll on your organization’s resources. The simple fact is managing these expenses in-house is no longer viable. It’s a time-sucking, dollar-draining undertaking.

That’s why UPnetworx Symmetry is here. Designed to meet your unique needs, this streamlined system enables analysis and review of thousands of bills organization-wide. Through UPnetworx Symmetry, you’ll also have an expert team of expense management professionals handling your TeleCom and software service costs. That means accurate service inventories, quick identification of billing errors, and new opportunities to eliminate waste. All you’ll have to worry about is what to do with the money saved.