AT&T Flexware from UPnetworx

Why Flexware?


Key functions run virtually in an open eco-system, can be deployed on any network, and are easily configured and moved


Security, efficiency, and response potential are enhanced through the power of AT&T’s network


Proprietary hardware needs are replaced with futureproof functionality, top-tier management, and improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Elevating Your Business Through Flexible Functionality

Innovate you infrastructure with AT&T Flexware(SM) from UPnetworx

Building and scaling your network infrastructure in today’s digital eco-system is growing increasingly complex by the second. And when every essential function in your network requires its own specialized hardware—routers, firewalls, WAN accelerators—doing business grows increasingly complex too.

But what if you could streamline your hardware stack? What if you could add functionality by simply downloading it? Enter AT&T FlexWare from UPnetworx. Utilizing industry-leading Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology, this device is the simplest way to deploy and manage your network infrastructure. With the flexibility to become virtually any network appliance you want, AT&T FlexWare from UPnetworx not only replaces the need for function-specific hardware, but it can save your business time and money in the long run.