AT&T Disaster Recovery

Stay online with cloud disaster recovery

System outages can be caused by anything from power failures to cyberattacks. And when your systems are down you can’t support your customers, send bills or make payments. There’s also the risk of collateral public-relations damage, which makes the actual downtime even worse.

You need a reliable, easily recoverable production environment as a back-up, especially if your environment is complex. There may be multiple service providers and technology platforms, in-house and external data centers, custom applications and local backup solutions. You may not have the resources to support an enterprise-wide disaster recovery program that covers all the bases from your employees to your business partners. Enterprise recovery services from AT&T can define, document and test the recovery process for your entire environment. They can help protect your business, so you can stay online in the event of a disaster.

AT&T Disaster Recovery benefits:

• Fully managed

• Flexible and scalable

• Reduced recovery times

• Improved risk mitigation