AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport

Scalable IP-based network. Without compromise.

Scale on your terms

Moving your business forward is what counts. To get there, you need a high-performance network that grows on your terms. AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport (AT&T MPLS PNT) helps you migrate from legacy networks to a high performing, scalable IP-based network that delivers the security traditionally found in dedicated private networks.

Seamless integration

AT&T MPLS PNT allows you to integrate multiple voice, data and video networks into a single network, providing any-to-any connectivity. Flexible options simplify connectivity so you can add new sites and applications while still supporting your existing private or public LAN addressing.

Management options put control at your fingertips. Configure traffic prioritization for optimal levels of voice, video and data performance. Service options allow you to select AT&T managed routers, or your own routers.

Connectivity, delivered

What’s more, inherent MPLS network-based security ensures the integrity and availability of communications across the network. You’ll also gain peace of mind through Service Level Agreements that help guarantee availability, performance and reliability.

  • Flexible AT&T-provided router and customer-provided router options
  • MPLS inherent security
  • Static and Border Gateway (BGP) routing protocol options for simplified connectivity
  • Service Level Agreements
 Potential Benefits
  • Protect your data through a highly secure, reliable network that provides any-to-any connectivity for domestic U.S. sites
  • Simplify network management with web based tools, at the level of control you demand
  • Easily add new locations, applications and features to the network
  • Improve application performance using classes of service (CoS) to prioritize traffic