AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

Secure data more effectively.

Protect your network

Ever-changing security threats can place your business at risk. When it comes to data protection, maintaining a reliable network fi rewall is vital. AT&T Network-Based Firewall ServiceSM delivers highly secure connectivity by adding another layer of defense. It’s a subscriptionbased network security service that frees up your IT team for other tasks. Network-Based devices reside within AT&T owned and operated data centers that provide 24x7x365 fi rewall monitoring and attack management.

Increase control

Network-Based Firewall continuously inspects and treats inbound and outbound traffi c according to your unique security policies. Gain increased management control through multiple levels of confi guration complexities, ranging from simple outbound-only security rules to extensive bi-directional rules.

Improve efficiencies

Network-Based Firewall provides the visibility and fl exibility you need through a self-administration portal. Quickly optimize fi rewall confi gurations, view reports, and bring order to security policies. As your network traffi c needs change, you can quickly scale bandwidth allocation for Internet access through the fi rewall.

  • Transparent, stateful firewall
  • Static and many-to-one Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • VPN tunneling through static NAT
  • Hardened external DNS
  • Multiple DMZ policy defi nitions for unique network segments
  • Flexible bandwidth options based on customer requirements
Potential Benefits
  • Eliminates need for premises-based firewalls and dedicated Internet connectivity
  • Tightens Internet, intranet and extranet security
  • Centralizes application of security policies across business sites
  • Scales Internet bandwidth as business needs change
  • Frees up resources to focus on mission-critical tasks